How associations can Master the new rules of engagement in the digital world.

As the rules of discovery change, it is essential that association leaders and their staff understand how search, social media and online content are now intertwined, with a new "content paradigm" rooted in context-marketing determining which organizations will thrive and prosper, and which ones will falter and fail.

This book outlines a big-picture perspective that demystifies the hype around social media and content marketing, so that association leaders can master the new rules for engagement through an understanding of the interplay of search optimization, social media and neuroscience.

Available through CSAE as of October 2014

Social Intelligence Demystified

The information association leaders need to navigate the online marketing world.

Definitely more helpful and practical than other events I've attended on this topic.

- CSAE Trillium Chapter, Summer Summit attendee

Change is coming. You either need to get ready, or be ready to fail.

- Julie King

What You'll Learn

The Internet has had a profound impact on the way people come together and discover information, resulting in a new "social intelligence" that affects organizations across all sectors. Associations are uniquely positioned to dominate under the new rules of engagement, yet they also face significant risks and must be prepared for fierce competition from the business sector.

To successfully navigate the changes taking place, association leaders need to gain a big picture understanding of the new rules of engagement, as well as an understanding of how they can move forward using actionable steps. Social Intelligence Demystified does both, by first breaking down the new rules of engagement and then providing toolkits that can be used by leadership, staff and volunteers to practically apply what has been learned. It also explores emerging ideas from the fields of neuroscience and behavioural economics, to help readers better understanding the hidden emotional drivers that influence decision making.

Discovery is essential in context marketing, yet did you know that search optimization now incorporated over 200 ranking factors, which include social signals provided through your social media activities?
Social Media & Platforms
By now most people realize that Twitter is more than just a fad where people talk about what they ate for lunch.
The curious thing about being human is that the more rational we think we become, the less we realize how strongly our "fast" thinking systems influence our decision, which we then back-up with logic and facts.

Overview of Social Intelligence Demystified

Finally! A plain language explanation of the new social intelligence that has fundamentally shifted the way people discover information, engage and make decisions.
As we enter the "context-marketing" era, this book will help association leaders master the new rules of engagement.


Understanding the Content Paradigm

The Internet is one of the most disruptive technologies in history. This is about more than just business models...

Chapter One

Discoverability and the Essentials of Search

While associations could previously rely on high PageRank scores to rank well, that is no longer guaranteed. Today…

Chapter Two

Keywords—The DNA of the Web

Getting found online depends on effective context-marketing, which makes keyword optimization essential to success. To effectively use...

Chapter Three

Understanding and Mapping the Drivers of Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is much more than social media shifting behaviour — Emerging information from neuroscience helps us understand the ...

Chapter Four

Creating Content to Engage

Content lies at the heart of the way marketing is being disrupted. Here are the essentials for creating killer content in the digital world...

Chapter Five

The Dandelion Effect

Perhaps the greatest mistake leaders make when creating an online strategy is that they misunderstand the organic nature of seeding information for discovery online...

Chapter Six

Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter?

When it comes to understanding and tracking your high-level social strategy, platform-bias can lead to poor results and a skewed sense of validation...

Chapter Seven

Developing an Implementation Plan

Now that you have an understanding of the major moving elements that are affected by the social intelligence transformation, let's look at...

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About The Author

Julie King is a technology entrepreneur who helps association leaders decode the complexities of technology.

Nathan Olson
Julie King Nathan Olson
"The future is here today and there are really two choices: adapt or surrender."

Acknowledgements and Thanks

It is impossible to recognize everyone who has helped me understand the content paradigm. Nonetheless, a few stand-out who deserve special acknowledgements.

Ruhail Sumbli, a newer business partner, has been both a mentor and friend to look at what I do on a global scale.

- Thank you

Kevin Jackson, my business and life partner who has always supported my ideas.

- Thank you

Terry van Horne who is always ready to remind me that search engines may not be people, but they are good reflections of what people want.

- Thank you

Valerie Ryan, whom I first met in 1995, helped me realize that thinking out of the box was a unique ability to be developed. There is Kevin Jackson, my partner in business and life. And of course Biz-Zone's talented staff, both current and past.

- Thank you

Then there are the people around me who help in both direct and intangible ways - mentors, clients, colleagues and friends - like Jane Gertner, Nirvana Champion, Michael Deane, Rebecca Harris, Jonathan Juffs, Normand Lafreniere, Colleen Gouldson, Dan Ruby, Gilles Latour, Stuart Morley, Ross Campbell, Colin Ross, Abbi Wright, Claudiu Popa, Johnathan Messiano-Crookston, Linda Plater, Sharon Mooney, Sam Marashi, Jorge Rojas, Ian Melzer and of course, my parents Ted and Kerry King.

- Thank you

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